I started these shorts in April for Steve, and yesterday we finished them.  He chose the fabric and had the idea for the contrasting cuff.  I don’t do a lot of clothing construction, but these were super easy.  If you want to make them, I used New Look pattern number 6059.  I did view B but without the cargo pockets.  I created the cuff myself.  These don’t have true fold down cuff, instead they are a mock cuff, really just a wide trim.  To create the mock cuff, I cut the shorts about and 1 1/2 inches (approximately the width of the cuff) shorter than finished length.  I cut two strips of the contrasting fabric twice as wide as the finished cuff.  I edge finished one long edge.  Then I sewed the raw edge to the bottom of the short, right sides together.  If you are good at measuring you can sew the cuff fabric into a loop first.  I just sewed it on until I was about an inch from my starting point, then sewed the vertical seam and then the last little part of the join between the cuff and the short.  I also started near the crotch seam, so in case I flubbed this part it would be less noticeable.  Then I pressed the seam allowance down, and folded the cuff fabric around. Finally,  I pinned it and topstitched through all the layers in the ditch.  We both are pleased with how they turned out.

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