We are all gardening this year, except maybe Paul.  This is Eliott’s plot above and there are two tiny pumpkin seedlings already coming through.

This is Steve’s garden.  I laid down the messy rhubarb leaves, but  you can see Steve’s hand with the neatness.

Because I was a little burned out from last year, I didn’t get my garden plot ready until last weekend.  So, I planted some carrots in a pot about a month ago, and now the tops are about 3-4 inches.

Here is my raspberries.  It is going to be a super bountiful year for the raspberries.  I cut them way back a year and half ago, and then again last spring.  This year I have done nothing and they have come back with a vengeance.

Finally, this is my real surprise.  A bud on my peony!  I moved this struggling plant from the back yard to the front.  It really looked sad last year, but this year it has a blossom!

That is a quick tour of my garden.  I will try to get some pictures again in the summer.

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