my weekend

We went away to a wedding this weekend. It was so lovely.  The bride was beautiful, the space was beautiful.  The food was great and the dance was great.  I got to see so many people that I hadn’t seen for so long: what a blessing!  I got some great pictures of family:

These are a good portion of my cousins on my Mom’s side plus my sisters. 

These are my sisters.  It turns out there is no way to get a picture of us all smiling unless we are goofing:

And finally, from the call of the wild from the mists of time, monkey boy:

grads and weddings

Life converges sometimes and things kind of all come together.  We were blessed to be invited to two special events this weekend.  The first was a wedding, for my cousin.  So I made the card above, with a red rose for love.  Steve helped.

Then our dear church friends’ son graduated.  This card has a real tiny tassel that I made.  I was really pleased how they both turned out.   Sometimes simple is best.

Inchie Quilts

Every so often I browse through the quilting section at the library and see if there are any interesting quilting books.  I picked up Inchie Quilts by Nadine Ruggles with the idea of making small but personal gifts.  This book demonstrates how to make small, one inch size mini quilts, then attaching them, sometimes perminantey, sometimes temporarily, to a larger quilt artifice.  I like the idea of the user or the artist changing the quilt after it is complete by moving or changing the inchies. There are quilt patterns and instructions in the book.  If you have followed my blog for any period of time, you probably know that I rarely work from a pattern, so I have not and will not make any of the projects in this book. However,  I thought the techniques could be applied to several projects, either quilts as she uses them, or also for small jewelry pieces or cards. Both the quilts and the techniques are well documented with photographs.  The book is very well written, with clear concise instructions.

Now, for a photo of Steve’s hydrangea:

productive lazy day

I worked on the satin quilt on Friday afternoon so I had yesterday free to work on the angel quilt.  So I alternated between sewing and reading for the whole day, with two lovely breaks at a bag garage sale and a walk around the lake.  It was such a great day.

I began by using wonder under to glue the cardboard angels and the metal object to the surface.  Then I added a lining back and a batt. I know that I should add the real back and show all my stitches, but I like the freedom of making big knots on the back when I feel like it and then lining the back.  I know I won’t win any quilting awards, but I guess I will stick to my aesthetic on this one, especially after the partial failure that is the back of the Son Country Fried Chicken quilt.  Then I added a border and extended the angels’ gowns into that space (thanks, Deanna for the idea).  Now, I am adding parallel furrows around the border.

Then I broke for a great bag garage sale where they have a $2 bag sale at the end.  It is for a catholic school in my neighborhood and it is huge.  I bought mostly pants for my older son who, while working and going to school, has worn out most of his pants.  I found a couple of pairs of shorts for myself and several for him.  And I found some yardage that I can make either a pair of shorts or a dress for myself.  Also, some cotton quilting fabric and two coffee cups. All for $4.

Then I worked on a dress shirt that a friend had brought for me.  It is a men’s dress shirt size xxl or something.  I cut it down and removed the collar.  Hopefully, in the next few weeks I will get it sewn. By this time, the clothes I bought had been washed and dried.  I cut some black pants off and hemmed them so my son could wear them to work.  In between, this and after, I read two books.  What a great day!

june ufo

Here is my June ufo.  As you can see, it is far from finished. I have many concerns about it, not the least that it is part cardboard and part fabric.  I still like it and the way it looks.  I have some ideas for pushing it to the next layer, beginning with securing all the pieces with wonder under, then adding a back and batting to give it stability.

this is why my sisters are awesome

Yes, I was totally surprised when my sisters gave me these boots Memorial weekend.  I have wanted a pair of these awesome rubber boots for several years.  And look at these: brown with a pattern of wild pink and purple horses running on them.

Theme song break:

Yes, that is my boots’ theme song! They are so great, I wore them the whole weekend when I was camping. My feet were wonderfully dry and warm. Thanks again!

egg in the forest

We were walking on the parkway near our house and we saw this other worldly egg.  I didn’t get back down to take a picture of this baby the next day when it was fully “hatched” before someone kicked it over, but I just wanted to share it with you.  By the way, this one is probably poisonous.  But isn’t it neat to look at?