I worked on the satin quilt on Friday afternoon so I had yesterday free to work on the angel quilt.  So I alternated between sewing and reading for the whole day, with two lovely breaks at a bag garage sale and a walk around the lake.  It was such a great day.

I began by using wonder under to glue the cardboard angels and the metal object to the surface.  Then I added a lining back and a batt. I know that I should add the real back and show all my stitches, but I like the freedom of making big knots on the back when I feel like it and then lining the back.  I know I won’t win any quilting awards, but I guess I will stick to my aesthetic on this one, especially after the partial failure that is the back of the Son Country Fried Chicken quilt.  Then I added a border and extended the angels’ gowns into that space (thanks, Deanna for the idea).  Now, I am adding parallel furrows around the border.

Then I broke for a great bag garage sale where they have a $2 bag sale at the end.  It is for a catholic school in my neighborhood and it is huge.  I bought mostly pants for my older son who, while working and going to school, has worn out most of his pants.  I found a couple of pairs of shorts for myself and several for him.  And I found some yardage that I can make either a pair of shorts or a dress for myself.  Also, some cotton quilting fabric and two coffee cups. All for $4.

Then I worked on a dress shirt that a friend had brought for me.  It is a men’s dress shirt size xxl or something.  I cut it down and removed the collar.  Hopefully, in the next few weeks I will get it sewn. By this time, the clothes I bought had been washed and dried.  I cut some black pants off and hemmed them so my son could wear them to work.  In between, this and after, I read two books.  What a great day!

2 thoughts on “productive lazy day

  1. WOW! You are Mrs Super-Productive Woman! I really like the progress on the quilt. And I wish I had been at the garage sale with you, but we would have had to split the fabric then. 🙂

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