Every so often I browse through the quilting section at the library and see if there are any interesting quilting books.  I picked up Inchie Quilts by Nadine Ruggles with the idea of making small but personal gifts.  This book demonstrates how to make small, one inch size mini quilts, then attaching them, sometimes perminantey, sometimes temporarily, to a larger quilt artifice.  I like the idea of the user or the artist changing the quilt after it is complete by moving or changing the inchies. There are quilt patterns and instructions in the book.  If you have followed my blog for any period of time, you probably know that I rarely work from a pattern, so I have not and will not make any of the projects in this book. However,  I thought the techniques could be applied to several projects, either quilts as she uses them, or also for small jewelry pieces or cards. Both the quilts and the techniques are well documented with photographs.  The book is very well written, with clear concise instructions.

Now, for a photo of Steve’s hydrangea:

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