August ufo part 2

Yes, I did, not one but two ufos in August. And I completed them both!  This rug I am really excited about because it came out so thick and wonderful.  The denim strips are very tightly packed and it makes an excellent bath mat.  I wish I had thought a little more about color when laying out my strips, but over all I am very happy with it.

july ufo done

Yes, it is finished!  I absolutely love it! I am so happy with the way the flames worked out.  They are actually my favorite part.  They are made of layers of sheers, some of them painted and also beads.  I started this quilt on January 22, 2011, so I actually finished this one fairly quickly- only a year and a half.  Oh yeah- and the actual name is Angel Quilt 2: Apocalypse.

savers find

Here we go with my love hate with WordPress.  I wrote this yesterday but the WordPress monster that sometimes for no reason, deletes everything when you post deleted this post.  So one day late-

Here’s what I got at Saver’s:

A new plastic container, with many, many empty spools and bright embroidery floss.  I figure about a 4 to 4.50 value for the incredible low price of three dollars!

Anyway, I had bought this at a garage sale last spring.  Someone was super organized and then must have given up the project.  I did not see the project that these went with, but then maybe someone else bought it.

TA-DAH! Everything neatly wound on its own spool.  Ignore the wad of thread in the corner.

beginnings and enders

So, in the process of finishing my denim rug ufo, I got out all of my denim scraps to make more strips.

But because I am a quilter or crazy, I couldn’t just cut the strips.  I had to cut a new batch of ender leaders.

2014 ufo here I come!


productive weekend

Well, I have been pretty incommunicado today.  One phone is down and the internet went down for no reason.  Yet, I had a really productive weekend.

Here is my half-done rug.  Simply denim strips sewn to a worn out rug.  Then I fold the last strip and but the next one right against it to make the shag.

This is also for my August ufo, but I will save the next show and tell until Thursday.  I painted these two fabrics.


garden update

So the gardens are full swing.  The one above is Eliott’s.  He is doing a great job of keeping it neat and well watered.

Here’s mine.  Not quite so neat, and pretty dry.

Here is our first little pumpkins, so cute!

clean studio

We’re having a few friends over and so I cleaned my studio.  unfortunately, my studio is not an out-of-the-way space that I can just close the door to in the summer, in order to get to the back yard from the house you have to get through it.  Since I never do anything in an efficient order, first I refolded all of my large fabrics, and folded the small ones into 4 inch squares.

Then, I covered my pop bottle scrap wall with this pretty scarf.  It will be nice to work in a clean sharp organized studio next week.

August ufo number 7 – angel quilt

So, an easy month- finally!  I thought I had packed the year with easy projects, but not so.  But this month, the 2nd angel quilt – Apocolypse and a denim rug that sorely needed mending.  It’s funny, just the other day I figured out what I was going to do with the quilt so I think it is nearly done.