technical difficulties, September ufo

So, this is the second time I am publishing this due to the word press glitch.  Hopefully, that is my third and final technical difficulty.

Anyway, yesterday started with me dumping my smoothie all over myself.  I decided not to let it get to me.  Then, I was humming along making much progress, when I broke a needle.  When I replaced it, the machine made this clunking sound.  So, today, I plan to give my machine some tlc plus perhaps another new needle.  In any case, it is unlikely that I will get the ufo done today.

In any case, I am pleased with my progress.  I have a clear idea of how to finish this quilt now, and I am happy with it.  Because of this quilt, I have an interesting new technique.  As soon as I clear my quilt queue, I plan to start a quilt with this technique.  It solves my problem of wanting to work small, but also wanting full size quilts.


slow progress but progress none the less

I almost have the center section done.  I love the way it turned out, way better than it was.  The tension is considerable as to whether I will finish it by the end of this month.  One more weekend to try!


I started piecing these blocks back together and I love them!  I even used a new technique that I had never tried before that created those think lines of orange. That orange is actually the back fabric.  I sewed the blocks together back side together.  Then I had the seam allowances on the front.  I pressed, then basted them open.  Then I added thin strips just to cover the raw edges, I left a thin line of the seam allowance showing.  I am really excited to finish this center part today, then I get to start working on the outer frames.  I realized yesterday that I didn’t have to keep the back the back or the front the front on the frames, so I can’t wait to start playing.

It’s so fun to have a quilt I was so ambivalent about become so exciting!

Paul’s quilt wrapup

We had  a great weekend camping but I’m running a little late.  Here is the wrap up of Paul’s quilt. Now, I don’t generally like working with a client, even when he is my own son.  However, he pretty much had two stipulations: red and black.  Many of the t-shirt panels are his own clothes.

It is fun to work with these “sampler” quilts.  I tried to incorporate a lot of different elements that all related back to Paul.  He has only really worn black jeans for the past few years, so those crazy denim blocks were my first ideas.  For a time I thought I might have two quilts, but the color palette was enough to unite them.

I also love the quilting motif I used – circles with straight lines.  I did machine quilt in the ditch on the horizontal lines between rows for extra stability, but I did quite a bit of hand quilting.  I used several different sized plates as templates and then used a white pencil to draw the circles on.  I love the landscape effect that evolves from these shapes.

I also like the black corduroy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t photograph well, but there are multiple sizes of wales of corduroy in the black jean blocks.  In the upper center, the ripped area is a pocket that I pulled up partially.  I really love dimensional sections like this.

Again here is the Christmas cow, a partially completed block that I have from my grandmother.

I love the way the back turned out.  The bottom is musical instruments, then black on black music notes, then dragons, then lobsters on newspaper, finally music on white.  All in all, I think it is one of my best quilts and I am really glad that Paul ended up with it.

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Yes, I did

Yes, I cut into a finished technically finished quilt- bound and everything.  Septemeber’s ufo is the Hawaiian quilt.

I cut out all of the squares out.  I plan to reassemble them closer together.  I didn’t like how far apart they were.

I have a lot of scraps to add as well.  I’m excited about it now, but it was really hard to cut it up.  I kept on listing the things I love about it but it just wasn’t quite right.

he likes it

Yes, he likes it!  He spent the whole evening wrapped up in it! Sorry about the picture, but I snapped it in the middle of present opening, so he wanted to move on.

somebody’s birthday

I have been so busy, but in my tiny bit of spare time I have been diligently working on somebody’s birthday present.  It is very close to done – but a slow-moving train for me.  I should have photos by the weekend.  I did finish a blog on my literary blog so if you are looking for a new book check out The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s wealthy at April Journal.

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September ufo

This month’s ufo is number 11. This quilt is technically done but yet I still don’t like it.  I have been thinking about cutting it up and assembling it again because there are a lot of elements I love about it.