We had  a great weekend camping but I’m running a little late.  Here is the wrap up of Paul’s quilt. Now, I don’t generally like working with a client, even when he is my own son.  However, he pretty much had two stipulations: red and black.  Many of the t-shirt panels are his own clothes.

It is fun to work with these “sampler” quilts.  I tried to incorporate a lot of different elements that all related back to Paul.  He has only really worn black jeans for the past few years, so those crazy denim blocks were my first ideas.  For a time I thought I might have two quilts, but the color palette was enough to unite them.

I also love the quilting motif I used – circles with straight lines.  I did machine quilt in the ditch on the horizontal lines between rows for extra stability, but I did quite a bit of hand quilting.  I used several different sized plates as templates and then used a white pencil to draw the circles on.  I love the landscape effect that evolves from these shapes.

I also like the black corduroy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t photograph well, but there are multiple sizes of wales of corduroy in the black jean blocks.  In the upper center, the ripped area is a pocket that I pulled up partially.  I really love dimensional sections like this.

Again here is the Christmas cow, a partially completed block that I have from my grandmother.

I love the way the back turned out.  The bottom is musical instruments, then black on black music notes, then dragons, then lobsters on newspaper, finally music on white.  All in all, I think it is one of my best quilts and I am really glad that Paul ended up with it.

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