So, this is the second time I am publishing this due to the word press glitch.  Hopefully, that is my third and final technical difficulty.

Anyway, yesterday started with me dumping my smoothie all over myself.  I decided not to let it get to me.  Then, I was humming along making much progress, when I broke a needle.  When I replaced it, the machine made this clunking sound.  So, today, I plan to give my machine some tlc plus perhaps another new needle.  In any case, it is unlikely that I will get the ufo done today.

In any case, I am pleased with my progress.  I have a clear idea of how to finish this quilt now, and I am happy with it.  Because of this quilt, I have an interesting new technique.  As soon as I clear my quilt queue, I plan to start a quilt with this technique.  It solves my problem of wanting to work small, but also wanting full size quilts.

2 thoughts on “technical difficulties, September ufo

    1. It was the new needle, it was not good. Sometimes that happens…but now my sewing machine is spotless. I don’t give a clean and oil nearly as often as I should. Good to hear from you!

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