So these are the two quilts I am mending for my September ufo.  I got these quilts about 15 years ago when my uncle moved away to Hawaii.  He gave me these and many other things he was getting rid of in the move.  These were my favorite things: two quilts from my grandmother.  I did use them for quite a while.

Now this first one is a real utility quilt.  My grandmother still did a nice job of mixing lights and darks.  I have already mended it before so it isn’t too difficult. I usually mend quilt by hand so it does take some time.

The neat thing is that inside this quilt is another worn out quilt used as batting. I think because the inner quilt was quilted there is very little quilting through the whole thing.

Now, this one is a beauty.  It is a double wedding ring done in a very traditional palette.  This one will be much more difficult to mend.  Next week I will take it to the fabric store and get a match of the pink, blue and white.  I think I can manage the scrappy part of the quilt.  I think I will have to trace off the pieces.  I tried picking a pattern off the internet and the size was all wrong.  I may be able to xerox it to the right size or perhaps I will just xerox a section of the quilt itself. All the damage is on the edge, so if it were my own quilt I may consider cutting off the damage. However, it has sentimental value for me so I will try to restore it.

I have a lot of work to do, but it is the perfect time for laying in bed watching tv with a warm quilt draped over my lap for mending.  I’m glad these didn’t come up in the summer.

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