I was sick with a headache on Friday and still kind of felt out of it yesterday, although I was up and around a little more.  I spent a considerable time sleeping and the rest of the time lying around whining. Time well spent. I know I was out of it because I actually went up and woke up my teenage son at 8:30 am on a Saturday to ask him if I could play his video game.  Luckily it was Paul so I only got punished for that little lapse of judgement for 6-7 hours not the entire day.  Why doesn’t the saying go: “never wake a sleeping teenager without an indefensible reason”?  Somewhat close to “never kick a rattlesnake with bare feet”?

I have high hopes for today.  Paul wants to go back to the fabric store.  He wants to get some colored duct tape.  Any trip to the fabric store is fun for me and I will treat myself to something.  I’m thinking white thread…


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