Christmas wishes

As one of my Christmas crafts,  I am making these little “wish holders” .  On one side we stenciled the word “wish”.  I printed the word out several times on card stock in different fonts and then cut it with an exacto knife.  We used these as stencil. Now offsetting the stencil slightly to create this shaded or outlined look was my husband’s imput. He did much of the stencilling and you can see his impeccable eye in how beautiful it looks.

On the reverse side,  I added a “star” pocket, a small pocket with a star stenciled on it.

The pocket is big enough that a note could be added, a piece of chocolate, or a gift card.  They have a holder so they could be hung on the tree or a hook.  The first few of these were somewhat  difficult due to working out my process, but now I am hoping that the rest (and there are quite a few) will go more quickly.  One piece of advice, I would have is to standardize the pieces.  All of the wish panels are different sizes and that causes some hassle. Since they are not interchangeable, I have been measuring the back from the front for each and that is making my process slower. I will probably trim them down to a smaller size to make more of an assembly line (good task for my new intern). In any case, if anyone is interested in making these, let me know and I will put together a tutorial.

By the way, look at my awesome Christmas tablecloth.  This is the extent of my Christmas decorating so far.  The stand-off begins at Thanksgiving to see who will crack first and ask where the tree is.  Last year it was not me who caved.  This gives me enormous pull in how much decorating (and more importantly,  pre-decorating cleaning) I have to do. I know I am taking a risk putting this in my blog, however I know that two people in my household don’t read it at all, and the third only skims it for a mention of his name.  Wish me luck, because that corner of my house really needs a good scrubbing.

pansy block done and announcement of my new intern.

I finished this block last week and if you want to make it, the pattern is available at the Four Twin Sister website.  I would be more intentional about my lights and darks if I did it again.  It is not a simple pattern, it has a huge amount of seams but it is really gorgeous.

In any case, last week I decided I needed an intern.  I have a lot of important but tedious work to do. So like Kramer in Seinfield, I definitely need help.

So, I began looking at my budget, interviewing candidates and just plain thinking. I was very attracted to one candidate. She was an unusual student: older than most, really middle-aged. She admitted to working over 30 hours a week and she has a family.  She is often tired, and not very creative.  Yes, it is work day me.  I plan to use my work days for tedious, non thinking things like piecing and mending, thus saving my weekends for creative time.  The idea is to do something every day, but just a little, easily achieved thing. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Happy Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for all of you!

funky fun spring

So I am back to the ducky quilt and I finally finished these sweet little tulips.  They are completely fun and odd and sweet. They will be part of the frame.  Wow, this poor quilt is taking forever.  I have 70 some odd six inch squares to put together for the background and I went back to piecing these along with them to break up the tedium.  These will be in the frame.  They are so cheerful on this late fall day.


bits and pieces and beauty

So, sorry I missed you yesterday- I had a migraine.  I remember my mom when she was my age or a little younger maybe swallowing Tylenol by the handful and now I get it.   One of the bad things about middle age is the headaches.   In any case, not much is happening here except this: my beautiful Christmas cactus.  This plant is so boring all year, then just as everything dies it blooms amazingly.  It’s blossoms are so incredible. It is one of my favorite things.


Volcanic Island – Construction Reconstruction

I feel like November is going to be a month of finishes.  And here is one of my favorite finishes: Volcanic Island – Construction Reconstruction.

I began this quilt in July of 2008, so it has taken me more than four years to get it done, but here it is and I love it!  I am really excited because three months ago I had a technically finished quilt that I just didn’t think was right:

See, technically done, but just not right.  Pretty in it’s own way but not as vibrant and interesting.

I won’t be afraid to cut apart a finished quilt again!  And as a bonus here is the back:

It is difficult to see, but this is one of the most heavily quilted quilts I have made.  Due to cutting it up and sewing it together, it has a ton of quilting with a lot of really nice parallel lines.  You can really see the design fun I had here, since some of the front became the back and vice versus.

ufo on track

So, I have five more parts and this is done.  Right now I am out of thread, but I plan to go to Joanne’s tonight to remedy that.  Then I have two more squares left with the red edge, then three more seams and then three more finishing sections and I am done!  Yay!

November ufo

What quilt is this that laid to rest under my sewing table for nearly a year?  Can you see it peeking out of the random materials I laid on top of it?  Yes, we are finally back to the denim cathedral windows quilt. I have great faith that I will finish it in November.

Now, October, that was a wash.  Although I made progress, neither of my October quilts got finished.  Next year I will give them each their own month.  I really want to get those quilts mended.

September, now, that is a big surprise.  I just finished the September ufo, and will be doing a wrap up this week.  Yay!

Also, I have big news-  I will be showing three of my quilts at the holiday party at my work.  I work at a big corporation, so I will have the opportunity to show my work to a couple of thousand people.  I am excited!  I have started preparations:  I need to more professionally hang the three quilts, I ordered some business cards with this blog’s name on it, and I am planning to make a look book with my quilts in it.  My mom gave me a couple of quilt brag books last year so I will be definitely fleshing those out to show.  I know I already said it but I’m really excited!


It is finished, and with plenty of time before Halloween!  Every part of my house has some red fuzz.  This fabric was a bear to work on and caused some weirdness, like somehow gathering a little bit on the front trim.  I would not recommend using this fabric with this pattern. The pattern was easy McCalls m6231.  The instructions did not include using this fabric so I should have known better.  I wasn’t thrilled with the way the instructions told me to set the sleeve. When I make this pattern again I will sew the sleeve in flat, even though that means I have to sew the binding on the whole garment, instead of just the sleeve, which is slightly awkward.