What quilt is this that laid to rest under my sewing table for nearly a year?  Can you see it peeking out of the random materials I laid on top of it?  Yes, we are finally back to the denim cathedral windows quilt. I have great faith that I will finish it in November.

Now, October, that was a wash.  Although I made progress, neither of my October quilts got finished.  Next year I will give them each their own month.  I really want to get those quilts mended.

September, now, that is a big surprise.  I just finished the September ufo, and will be doing a wrap up this week.  Yay!

Also, I have big news-  I will be showing three of my quilts at the holiday party at my work.  I work at a big corporation, so I will have the opportunity to show my work to a couple of thousand people.  I am excited!  I have started preparations:  I need to more professionally hang the three quilts, I ordered some business cards with this blog’s name on it, and I am planning to make a look book with my quilts in it.  My mom gave me a couple of quilt brag books last year so I will be definitely fleshing those out to show.  I know I already said it but I’m really excited!

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