I feel like November is going to be a month of finishes.  And here is one of my favorite finishes: Volcanic Island – Construction Reconstruction.

I began this quilt in July of 2008, so it has taken me more than four years to get it done, but here it is and I love it!  I am really excited because three months ago I had a technically finished quilt that I just didn’t think was right:

See, technically done, but just not right.  Pretty in it’s own way but not as vibrant and interesting.

I won’t be afraid to cut apart a finished quilt again!  And as a bonus here is the back:

It is difficult to see, but this is one of the most heavily quilted quilts I have made.  Due to cutting it up and sewing it together, it has a ton of quilting with a lot of really nice parallel lines.  You can really see the design fun I had here, since some of the front became the back and vice versus.

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