I finished this block last week and if you want to make it, the pattern is available at the Four Twin Sister website.  I would be more intentional about my lights and darks if I did it again.  It is not a simple pattern, it has a huge amount of seams but it is really gorgeous.

In any case, last week I decided I needed an intern.  I have a lot of important but tedious work to do. So like Kramer in Seinfield, I definitely need help.

So, I began looking at my budget, interviewing candidates and just plain thinking. I was very attracted to one candidate. She was an unusual student: older than most, really middle-aged. She admitted to working over 30 hours a week and she has a family.  She is often tired, and not very creative.  Yes, it is work day me.  I plan to use my work days for tedious, non thinking things like piecing and mending, thus saving my weekends for creative time.  The idea is to do something every day, but just a little, easily achieved thing. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Happy Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for all of you!

2 thoughts on “pansy block done and announcement of my new intern.

  1. That doesn’t seem to be an effective intern – I was sure one of your boys surprised you buy being willing to intern! I will be thrilled to see who wins the Christmas tree competition, being awarded the high honor of cleaning the corner! Maybe we should start an inter-office (family) pool about it – I will see what I can line up on my end.

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