As one of my Christmas crafts,  I am making these little “wish holders” .  On one side we stenciled the word “wish”.  I printed the word out several times on card stock in different fonts and then cut it with an exacto knife.  We used these as stencil. Now offsetting the stencil slightly to create this shaded or outlined look was my husband’s imput. He did much of the stencilling and you can see his impeccable eye in how beautiful it looks.

On the reverse side,  I added a “star” pocket, a small pocket with a star stenciled on it.

The pocket is big enough that a note could be added, a piece of chocolate, or a gift card.  They have a holder so they could be hung on the tree or a hook.  The first few of these were somewhat  difficult due to working out my process, but now I am hoping that the rest (and there are quite a few) will go more quickly.  One piece of advice, I would have is to standardize the pieces.  All of the wish panels are different sizes and that causes some hassle. Since they are not interchangeable, I have been measuring the back from the front for each and that is making my process slower. I will probably trim them down to a smaller size to make more of an assembly line (good task for my new intern). In any case, if anyone is interested in making these, let me know and I will put together a tutorial.

By the way, look at my awesome Christmas tablecloth.  This is the extent of my Christmas decorating so far.  The stand-off begins at Thanksgiving to see who will crack first and ask where the tree is.  Last year it was not me who caved.  This gives me enormous pull in how much decorating (and more importantly,  pre-decorating cleaning) I have to do. I know I am taking a risk putting this in my blog, however I know that two people in my household don’t read it at all, and the third only skims it for a mention of his name.  Wish me luck, because that corner of my house really needs a good scrubbing.

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