Yes, I did it!

finished quiltI finished it, Friday, so I even actually finished it in November.  I am happy with it.  There is a small amount of pattern but it is not super rigid. In the end I added some brighter colors, notably yellow, green and orange that lightened it up a little.


Challenges:  Some of the blocks on the edge didn’t meet up perfectly and I have a little anxiety that  since none of the blocks overlap each other the structure of the quilt is highly dependent on thread.  If you make this quilt, it takes a huge amount of thread. Also, the last few seams are really difficult because of the weight and stiffness of the quilt.

8 thoughts on “mock cathedral windows quilt – November ufo finished

  1. Thank you for your comment about my Mile A Minute quilt. I know I pieced the top in 2011, otherwise it would not have made the UFO Challenge List for this year. Love your Mock Cathedral windows quilt. I didn’t realize it at first that you had made it with denim. It has a beautiful mix of color.
    In October, I finished someone else’s UFO from the mid 1970’s. Brucie passed away last year, and she was my brother-in-law’s mother. She designed it with little stuffed pockets made from polyester fabrics and she was sewing it all by hand. In order to finish it, I machine zig zagged the pockets together and yes, it became more cumbersome as it grew larger. After receiving his hand written note of thanks, it made it all worthwhile.

    1. I do love denim which is ironic because I rarely wear it. But I love the way it changes over time in color and gradation.

      I also have a 1970’s era cathedral windows ufo from my grandmother. It is that unusual burnt orange from that time. I plan to work on it next year, but I have no idea how to update the palette yet. Is your finished one on your blog?

      Thanks for stopping by!

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