So lots of thoughts have been whirling around my head. So much so that I am a little dizzy this morning (although that could also be that I drank a little too much wine last night and/or am still recovering from a sinus infection). I’m beginning to make vague plans for 2013 but part of me is rebelling and saying why are you making plans? Enjoy just doing without goals. It looks like Judy may be changing her ufo challenge. I have used that challenge as a spur to finish work for two years now, so that will be one change.  I did get a lot of work done before that challenge but I also had a lot of loose ends.

Here is another thing that makes my mind creaky and a little confused. I know I carefully counted all of the fronts of my wish quilts and the backs and cut the same number, yet I have way more stars than wishes. This makes me wonder if I have a pile of wishes stuck away some where. This thought leads to a vague remembering of sorting out my favorite wishes and setting them aside because they didn’t need further work. I’ve looked everywhere for those probably best wishes but I have not turned them up. Now, the ship has sailed for the best wishes, because I got my lesser wishes nearly done. Done is always a better wish than not done.  This is what Steve calls my chaos factor and I call my brain hurts slightly.  Does this ever happen to anyone else?

Speaking of Steve, guess who asked yesterday when we were going to put up the tree?  I told him, “HA!  You have to vacuum the Christmas tree corner and put up the tree because you lose the bet!”  He asked, what bet?  I said, “Aha!  You don’t read my whole blog you only mostly look at the pictures, and now because of that you have to vacuum the Christmas tree corner! Plus read old blogs all the way through until you find that blog.”

In any case, take care, all of you.  Friday proved that there is more evil in the world than any of us would want to believe.  It is certainly a time to pray.


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