I finished the center panel of this quilt.  I first added the centers to the Dresden plate blocks.   I was just pinning, then appliquing, but I had a few annoying pleats. So I gave up on that and used fusible hem tape to tack the centers to the “petals”. Then, I  did the satin stitch around the centers with a piece of scratch paper underneath to add stability.

When I attached the flowers to the panel, I stitched down the first one by hand. It took forever and I wasn’t really completely happy with the way it looked anyway.  So again I took pieces of hem tape and just tacked it down.  It is ready to be basted now and quilted. The quilting will permanently attach the flowers to the background.  Yay!  Tomorrow morning I will lay it out on my living room floor.

I have two ideas on how to quilt it.  One is to circle the center, then radiate out like rays in straight lines down the center of the petals.  I am concerned that I may not be able to achieve nice straight lines but I like this way best. The second is just to quilt around the edges of the flowers and the repeat the pattern out.  I still have some thinking to do about it.



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