Here is another “Get it done” item done!  I bought this fabric last week.  I also bought a pattern: McCall’s 6713.  If you look at the link the girl is on a bike.  Hopefully, I will actually be able to ride a bike in this dress.  That would be awesome.  I love the forties sort of style, and usually a wrap silhouette is flattering for me. I am a little unnerved by the shoulder pads, so I didn’t buy them.  Having lived through the eighties once, I tend to cut out all shoulder pads out purchased garments.  Also, as I have gained a little weight since the eighties, I feel like I probably don’t need them. In any case, I figured I would go back to the store and get them at the end if I wanted to.  I had hoped to cut the dress this weekend but I didn’t get the fabric ironed.  I did get the center of the ducky quilt sandwich basted, so I guess one morning of crawling around on my hands and knees per weekend is enough.  I plan to have my intern quilt a little bit every day this week on the quilt, then may be next weekend I will get the dress cut out.

2 thoughts on “get it done item- buy fabric for the first garment of the year

    1. Thanks- I just realized it is the color of your bridesmaid dress for Jenny’s wedding. The fabric is super soft, too. I was going to make sleeves, but I didn’t buy enough fabric. So many pieces were cut on the bias. It will be knee length, but I save those parts maybe the next one will be maxi. I’ve been meaning to call you- hope you all are well!

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