Yes, I got the quilt center machine quilted.  It’s such a cheerful springy quilt to work on here in the freezing cold. I have to say my intern worked on it all week.  She did two or three flowers a day.  These photos show the quilting poorly, but I did half echo quilt and half in radial pattern from the center reinforcing the idea of the sun.  Steve and I are having an artistic difference of opinion on this one.  He says it’s done.  I still have four finished blocks that I want to use for the frame including the quilt’s namesake: the ducky block.  To this I plan to add some improvisational piecing.  Also, now it is only as large as a large lap quilt or baby quilt and I wanted it to be bigger.  I think I will make up the frame and lay it around the quilt to see if my idea will work.

By the way, I love this large-scale quilt as I go.  When I make the frame, I will quilt it and then attach it to the center.  It was so much easier to handle and baste this way.  I still got a little pleating on the back, but not bad.


And who else is no longer a flimsy?  Here he is with the classic mom-you-are-so-annoying face.

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