So I just realized I hadn’t updated about this dress for a long time.  I have, however, been working on it quite steadily.  Is it more dramatic when I take photos along the way or just suddenly appear with a nearly finished garment?  In any case, it is nearly done, just a few stitches inside to hold the elastic and the hem.

I have to say I have a few problems with the design.  Nearly the entire front is lined, but the back skirt is not.  Because it is so thin I will need to carefully choose my undergarment.  Also, the multi layer in the front makes it droop slightly from the weight.  If I make it again, I may leave the front drape off or make it smaller.  Ultimately, the fabric is too light for the back and to heavy for the front.

All that aside, I am pleased with the way it turned out.  The fabric is super soft and comfortable. I think I did a pretty good job, and when I am one hundred per cent done: I will model it.

4 thoughts on “very close!

  1. Very nice! To help with the weight in the front, is there a way to add non-stretch support from the shoulders to the waist? Ya know, like a suspender feature. ;o) Just thinkin’ Sandi

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