I am waiting to go get fabric with my friend today.  I am really excited to go with someone who is not just going as a favor to me, but rather is excited to go the fabric store.  Plus, there is a giant sale at Joanne’s.  Please don’t go, I hate crowds.

So yesterday I didn’t have any special intention.  So I spent a weekend kind of shuffling around.  I helped other people do their things, watched too much Raising Hope past episodes on Netflix and sorting leader enders.

2 thoughts on “what do you do when you are waiting to buy fabric

  1. Hi Roberta, just checking in on the blog. I am so looking forward to shopping with you today. I love working on this with you; to be able to put our creative touch on this new project will be great. I have the pictures with me so we can get some great material ideas. See you soon. Hugs, Veronica

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