Yes, it is done.  And delivered to a very cute little girl – my little niece, Annie!


The ducks are there- from Great-Grandma Amann’s leftover blocks.


All of the different flowers – pansy




Another pansy:


It was fun to see her wrap up in it and it does fit her sunny, happy personality!


what’s happening


I can’t remember if I showed you this block.  It is the first one I completed for the friendship quilt I am working on with my friend, Veronica. This photo from was the inspiration:

Petiole pattern of Traveller s Palm Stock Photo - 17205035

We have more layering to add.  I am working on another leaf pattern now.


Yes, the ducky quilt is done, but for binding!


And this is a new project.  It is my birthday skirt, bought with my birthday money and gift cards (thank you!).  I have it cut and waiting to begin.  Hopefully, next weekend.


because I am an optimist at heart


Yes, we are growing seedlings even though a secret dark part of me thinks that this is the winter that will never end.  Winter, winter, go away (my west coast friends and family can do evil laughs now). These are Eliott’s plants.

I have made considerable progress on sewing although I don’t really have any exciting photos to show.  I have lost a semi-crucial thing in my house.  The pattern for the skirt I plan to make.  I have a strong suspicion where it is, but I need to do some heavy cleaning to find it so I have been procrastinating.  I also attached the third side to the ducky quilt, and basted the fourth.  I am very close to a finish!

I did some math for the friendship quilt and printed out some patterns.  I even got some pattern pieces cut:


I am really excited about these fabrics.

Yes, we still have a snowman tablecloth.  We celebrate winter in April here. We are very excited.  Stay warm.



So here is where I am at: two sides nearly attached  and one panel pinned.   I realized that I will need to go to the fabric store to get a third of a yard of batt, but I bought almost exactly the right amount of bubble gum fabric and yellow fabric.  I don’t like the blue and yellow striped fabric that I used for an attaching fabric although in this photo it’s not too bad.  I bought some more fabric to add another, hopefully straighter, line around it.

I am already in the teenage doghouse for some other antics which have put me high on the list as most embarrassing mother of the week.  I might as well put it over the top by sharing this with you.  Isn’t this the most beautiful boy?



Getting it Done April

I really want to get done in April:

1. Buy fabric, pattern, for next garment.

2. Piece third and fourth frame for ducky quilt.

3. Quilt and attach third frame ducky quilt.

4. Finish second friendship block.

Things I seriously hope to get done:

1. Quilt and attach fourth frame ducky quilt.

2. Bind ducky quilt.

3.Start love distance quilt.

4. Cut out next garment.