Yes, we are growing seedlings even though a secret dark part of me thinks that this is the winter that will never end.  Winter, winter, go away (my west coast friends and family can do evil laughs now). These are Eliott’s plants.

I have made considerable progress on sewing although I don’t really have any exciting photos to show.  I have lost a semi-crucial thing in my house.  The pattern for the skirt I plan to make.  I have a strong suspicion where it is, but I need to do some heavy cleaning to find it so I have been procrastinating.  I also attached the third side to the ducky quilt, and basted the fourth.  I am very close to a finish!

I did some math for the friendship quilt and printed out some patterns.  I even got some pattern pieces cut:


I am really excited about these fabrics.

Yes, we still have a snowman tablecloth.  We celebrate winter in April here. We are very excited.  Stay warm.

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