My kids and I went away for the weekend to deliver the big surprise. The surprise was a joint quilt we made for my mom and dad for their 45th anniversary. I wish I took better pictures but I literally finished it Friday just before we left.  I was sick a day and a half last week and it threw me off schedule.  In any case, my sister sent us two blocks for each family member.  We decorated them, and then she pieced the top.  I quilted and bound it.  I cheated a little by doing some tying but I thought it turned out great!

Here are a few of my favorite blocks.


Steve and I made this one.  We blew up a photo. He made a line drawing then I thread sketched it.


My sister made this one: a family tree with all our names on it. (one of the ones I wish I had a better picture of it because it so cute).


This is Paul’s cello.  He spent a huge amount of time carefully painting it and it turned out really precise.


My sister, Katie, made this one with photo transfer of my mom and dad at her wedding.  Her quotes are so sweet.


Again, I wish I would have gotten better photos.  This one was a drawing my sister made of Tommy Turtle, the mascot of Bottineau, ND where my parents live.


My nephew, Mickey, made this one.  I love the exuberance of my Dad’s dog, and the great multi colored duck.  It is a fantastic action picture and the dog actually spends a great deal of time jumping straight up like that.


This is Eliott’s block.  We got him started with the boy on the bike and he fleshed it out to really represent himself.


I also did this simple embroidery of their anniversary date.


I also made this block of my parent’s house.  I painted the background. I downloaded an image from Google maps, then reversed it, and thread sketched it from the back.  I added fabric applique. Steve added more details with fabric markers.


I may have shown this one already.  These are lilacs which were the flowers at my parent’s wedding.  Steve made a painting then I did some thread sketching to make this one.


And finally, this one.  I have put fabric from my grandmother on my mom’s side and my grandfather from my dad’s side in this crazy heart.

We were camping this weekend and my parents always do a gps treasure hunt for the grandkids.  While they were away we put a gps marker where we hid the quilt named with Grandma and Grandpa.  It was fun to surprise them.

I really needed a couple of days to catch my breath so it was extra nice for me. Laughing and hanging out with my family always leaves me more relaxed and being outside clears my mind.  It was a great weekend – really relaxing and fun.

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