four colors now


So, I have started on blue.  I have decidedly more green than any other color which is odd because I have less green fabric.  Right now the squares are very disparate.  I thought that size and shape would be enough to unify them, but I am not completely sure of that now.

In any case, they are fun to make.  After blue, I think I will be nearly half way there: purple, brown, yellow, orange and white left.

tropical friendship block


So last week while S and P were away, my friend, Veronica, came over and we finished this piece.  I was really excited because my math worked out.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed about putting it together knowing my penchant for chaos.  We worked on it quilting show style.  She was in charge of pressing and organization and I sewed.  It went very fast and efficiently with the two of us.  She had the idea to add the circle in the middle.  It really turned out great and looks like a palm frond.

alone sort of

My husband and younger son are in California so this is a post about all of the things I have learned while they are gone.  First, a warning to any internet lurkers who may be looking: my older son is here still.  He is a grown man who knows Taekwondo.

When my husband is gone, I get to sleep in the middle of the bed.  If he goes away on a plane, I get all of his pillows.  This almost balances the fact that I don’t really sleep that well unless someone is snoring loudly next to me.

If I have a bad dream in the middle of the night, and I go downstairs and tell my adult son it makes I seem a little crazy. Luckily, he already knows this about me.

I get to eat anything I want for dinner.  The same thing every night if I want.  If I make the same thing, I become a surprisingly good cook.  Especially if I get a five dollar frozen dinner.

The house makes quite a few random noises.  My curtains make surprisingly creepy human shapes.  I have a remarkably vivid imagination.

I also now know who leaves all the cups all around and who leaves pens, socks and pencils on the floor (actually that last one was more of a confirmation than an epiphany).

I have a lot of free time especially if a storm knocks out my satellite TV. So here’s what’s up:

My husband took the camera to take pictures of his trip.  So I have no pictures, but I have three main things going on.  I am bringing this blog down to my computer to work on as a book.  Second, my friend, Veronica, came over and helped me to gain control over the next block in our tropical friendship quilt.  I wish I had a picture of that work in process because it is so pretty.  Lastly, I am working on my strip quilt.  I finished the black squares and I am moving on to green.  I had enough of black and also I need to put green thread on my sewing machine.

This has certainly been a disjointed post, and to continue that theme I will add:

I miss you both, Steve and Paul.  Have a great Father’s Day! (Hopefully, you will remember that I post on Sunday. Otherwise, I hope you had a great trip.)

I also want to send salutations to my own father: Have a great day!  I’m glad you are taking better care of yourself so we can all have you around for a long time.  Your willpower this year has been fabulous. I love you and I’m glad you are my dad.

new quilt


I am beginning a new quilt finally.  It is fun to be in this very beginning of the design process.  On the other hand, I have lost my rotary cutter.  While this part is free-floating, I am ready to true these up and see how they look.  I may have to give in to that old hoarders’ trick and go buy another.

It is a scrap quilt and since couldn’t close the box on my red and black shoe box.  I began with those colors. These happened to be the colors of Paul’s quilt.  So, at this point it has a striking resemblance to Paul’s quilt.  It was nice to be able to close the shoe box I use for red when I was done with this one.  I’ve also been using my grandma’s old White sewing machine for this part.  I have my Bernina upstairs threaded for a skirt I am working on.

Cryptic note: if you like this quilt it may some day be yours.  More of that when it is complete.