I am beginning a new quilt finally.  It is fun to be in this very beginning of the design process.  On the other hand, I have lost my rotary cutter.  While this part is free-floating, I am ready to true these up and see how they look.  I may have to give in to that old hoarders’ trick and go buy another.

It is a scrap quilt and since couldn’t close the box on my red and black shoe box.  I began with those colors. These happened to be the colors of Paul’s quilt.  So, at this point it has a striking resemblance to Paul’s quilt.  It was nice to be able to close the shoe box I use for red when I was done with this one.  I’ve also been using my grandma’s old White sewing machine for this part.  I have my Bernina upstairs threaded for a skirt I am working on.

Cryptic note: if you like this quilt it may some day be yours.  More of that when it is complete.

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