garden update

I made a nice little dress yesterday, but I don’t have photos yet.  I also began working on my brown scraps for my quilt, but I’m not really far enough to take photos either.  I thought instead I would give you a little garden tour.

This year my sons have taken over the garden and are having much more success than I usually do.  Here is a cucumber that we will likely eat today.


Here is some beautiful tomatoes:


And lastly a huge amount of grapes:


family time


I had a couple great family weekends not much sewing, but a lot of fun.  Last weekend, we went to visit my mom and dad.  I had a really relaxing weekend just spending low key time with my mom.  Both my mom and dad were generous with their time- and also gave us quite a few gifts.  Here are the ones that relate to the sewing world. 

A while back, my aunt Pat had called me and told me she some fabric from my Grandma Porter.  Now, my Grandma Porter didn’t really sew for fun, she was a nurse, a farm wife and mother.  But she sewed clothes, and later in her life my aunt Pat had sewn her some special things. Pat had bought a box of fabric to my dad to give to me.  She also brought another pair of overalls that were from my grandfather. Thank you, Pat, it means a lot to me to have these special fabrics to include in my quilts.DSC04658

My mom also had another box of fabric from my Aunt Lou so this picture shows a few from each. My Mom passed most of that fabric to me as well as a neat box of trims.


I love how neatly organized they are.  I have no idea what I will used them for but they are so fun. My mom also had a bunch of extra thread from Lou. 


Now all my pegs are full.  Also, I helped my dad and mom fit a tarp to his boat, so in exchange he gave me a really wonderful tent.  Next weekend I need to plan a camping trip to enjoy it.  We also came back with a huge amount of fish.  It was like Christmas in July.  Thanks again, Mom, Dad and Pat.

blog book

I have been working on a compilation of my blogs. So far it has the imaginative title of Blog Book. Parts of this process have been brutally boring. By the way, if I called you in the last month and seemed kind of distracted I was copying and pasting each blog down from word press. Words and pictures have to be done separately. That brings me to my first realization. If you ever think you might use your blog for any other purpose besides a blog, write each blog off-line, save it, and copy and paste it to the internet. I almost always typed right into word press. This has left me with a bunch of crazy internet formatting to redo.

Now, I am doing photo editing and overarching formatting. This brings me to more realizations. I need to take better photos for my blogs. Some of my photos may not make the cut and frankly without the photos, some entries aren’t much of anything. The other thing I realized about my photos is if I stretch pictures of me up and down slightly I look skinnier.

Right now, I am only doing a small amount of actual editing. I have an opportunity to print the whole thing out on the cheap in the next few weeks. This would serve me well on several levels even though it is early in the process to do so. I would like to know the quality of my photos when they are printed. Some of these photos I could reshoot and others I may delete. I also want to know how the formatting looks. In the meantime, I am having so much fun manipulating the photos and re-reading my thoughts at different times. It is inspiring to me.

I am also rethinking my process. I have always reserved any weekend mornings for sewing. Now, I am using that time to edit. This is some of my most creative time. However, since I have moved my studio to the basement and my kids are not little anymore, I can get away anytime to sew. Getting on the computer is not so easy. Early mornings the computer is free but not so much later in the day (World of Warcraft I shake my fist angrily at you). This is a big change I noticed from looking at my old blog posts. When I began this blog in 2007, just an hour or two on Saturday mornings was huge amount of time for me to work. Often my kids would interrupt. Now, I am surprised how much more time I have. Of course, I have compensated somewhat by working more hours. I also think my priorities need to change a little bit, with writing coming to the forefront.

In any case, I am enjoying this process. So much happened in the past six years, it is fun to look it over and relive it.

new dress

Long, wonderful weekend. I needed it so much! The only down side was the heat rolled in to Minnesota. I know the whole country is in a heat wave and we are not that hot, but for Minnesota 90 degrees with 70 per cent humidity is tough. I have been meaning to make myself a summer dress. I am happy with the way it turned out.DSC04656
I am not as happy with the back because it gaps a little around the keyhole. I plan to add an elastic band in the back to solve that problem. Otherwise, it is very comfortable and cool.  By the way I bought this fabric at garage sale with a bag sale so it was five dollars for the whole grocery bag.  I figure that makes this yardage about twenty five cents.