I had a couple great family weekends not much sewing, but a lot of fun.  Last weekend, we went to visit my mom and dad.  I had a really relaxing weekend just spending low key time with my mom.  Both my mom and dad were generous with their time- and also gave us quite a few gifts.  Here are the ones that relate to the sewing world. 

A while back, my aunt Pat had called me and told me she some fabric from my Grandma Porter.  Now, my Grandma Porter didn’t really sew for fun, she was a nurse, a farm wife and mother.  But she sewed clothes, and later in her life my aunt Pat had sewn her some special things. Pat had bought a box of fabric to my dad to give to me.  She also brought another pair of overalls that were from my grandfather. Thank you, Pat, it means a lot to me to have these special fabrics to include in my quilts.DSC04658

My mom also had another box of fabric from my Aunt Lou so this picture shows a few from each. My Mom passed most of that fabric to me as well as a neat box of trims.


I love how neatly organized they are.  I have no idea what I will used them for but they are so fun. My mom also had a bunch of extra thread from Lou. 


Now all my pegs are full.  Also, I helped my dad and mom fit a tarp to his boat, so in exchange he gave me a really wonderful tent.  Next weekend I need to plan a camping trip to enjoy it.  We also came back with a huge amount of fish.  It was like Christmas in July.  Thanks again, Mom, Dad and Pat.

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