quilt reconstruction part 2


Remember a few weeks ago when I cut my husband’s favorite quilt?  I need more fabric to make a full quilt.  So I cut up this quilt also.  I made this quilt over 2o years ago.  It was either my first or second quilt.  It originally was a large-scale pansy made out of one patch. The patchwork part wore out first.  I covered it with t-shirt pieces somewhat successfully.  However, it was still pretty worn.  The back and the frame are in pretty good shape, one of the benefits of using a sheet for the back- probably a poly blend.  There are a couple of small splits on the bottom and I hate the way I did the binding. But I am left with considerable quilt to work with.

happy birthday

What happened here twenty years ago today?  My beautiful boy was born. Now he is no longer a baby, a little boy, a bigger boy, an obnoxious teenager, but a beautiful young man, full of promise. Even all of those years ago he was exactly who he is now: curious, serious, and smart. 

I rarely do this, but I am feeling inordinately sentimental today, so I am going to share a poem I wrote back when he was a teenager and our relationship was changing:


How can someone I love like a tree loves the sun

hurt me so much?


I know this is natural

The sun withdraws its warmth

The trees weeps

And there is all that leaving


It’s as inevitable as the progression of the seasons

the way things ought to be

the way it has to be

the way I really want it to be


Still I can’t bear the chills of this long winter

I shiver and pull the covers up to my ear


I remember that first lovely spring

When I was your sunshine and you revolved around me


No longer

Now you are the earth and I am the moon


Frost covers me and I look at the misty distant future



When we each emerge

Irrevocably changed – battle scarred


Standing proud

But swaying to different winds.


I won’t say we are there yet, but I can see it on the horizon.  Eliott, even though I don’t really have a right to be, I am deeply proud of your accomplishments (you did it on your own, I just cheered).  You are an awesome person, and I love you.  I’m so glad I get to know you as my son.


busy week

We are have some friends coming over today so I have been doing crazy cleaning.   That combined with vacation bible school, back to school planning and anxiety (countdown to ninth grade: 7 days) have left me no time to sew.  So while I was at Savers in the back pack area, which conveniently is right next to the sewing section, I found a few treats.  First, because an idle mind daydreams on new projects not projects already started:


I am thinking about a sleeveless sweater.

My big surprise was this:


For 3 dollars I got this package of a couple of fat quarters and a bundle of six inch squares.  I could only see the top, so imagine my surprise when I discovered these:


In the inside of the pack some great pieces right in the palette for the friendship quilt! I can’t wait to show my friend when she comes over today!  My inspiration is reinvigorated. And hopefully in a week or so, I should have some actual sewing going on.


So unfortunately, I have chores today.  This is shaping up to be a busy week and at some point I need to deal with this:


Wow, the picture doesn’t seem quite as bad as the actuality. Except when you think this very unweeded garden is right in front of my house. Yikes!


I have started sewing my four inch squares into pairs and if I have any time at all (especially if it rains today) in the next two weeks I will get them into fours. 


Countdown to ninth grade: 14 days.


We as a family are in a waiting time.  Both boys are starting new schools this fall and the energy is one of excitement mixed with nervousness. I am working very hard on the blog book which cuts into my sewing time.  It seems I have a limited amount of creativity. 

Yesterday I did some real thinking.  I realized that I was tired of making the little strip squares.  I suddenly wondered how many I had made.  I have made nearly 150.  I decided that was enough.

Then I laid out a sample.


Wow! For once my picture is better than the actuality. I can’t manage to keep them sorted in any meaningful way beside basic color in this size.  I decided to sew them in groups of four, then lay them out to see what I have.

As I was sitting in my sewing room, bored of making these squares my gaze fell on this quilt:DSC04670

Several months ago I determined that this quilt was unmendable in its current form.  However, there are several sections that I really like:

DSC04671 DSC04672

There are two quilts here: the parts I Iike and the parts that have emotional resonance with my husband, mainly the t-shirts.  The third part is too worn to be salvaged.  So I cut it up:


More to come