Plaid surprise


I am still working on mending the t-shirt quilt.  The mending is so full-scale that some parts had to be cut out or completely covered.  The main part of the quilt’s back was so worn that I needed to cover the whole thing.  I didn’t want to spend money on it, plus I am going through a rather dry spell due to the new expenses of high school and so many birthdays.  So I took Steve shopping in the fabric stash.  He picked out two flannel shirts: one orange and one yellow, an old pink- red blouse and a plaid seersucker shirt. I was not certain that they would work together.  However, this is his quilt so I went with it.

But if you saw all these plaids together would you believe they are a good fit?  Yet they work surprisingly well.  I should know better than to doubt the artist’s eye.

Sweater cut down


We had received a couple sweaters from my friend, Patti.  The color and material were nice. They were men’s sweaters but huge.  Paul said he liked this oatmeal colored one.  So, I measured the boy across his chest and around his arms and then drew those lines on the sweater.

You can see Paul’s measurements sketch on the left bottom.


I carefully trimmed off the ribbing from the bottom of the sweater to save it intact.


Then I cut to my measurements.


I just trimmed the sleeves, so I didn’t have to mess with the ribbing.

Here is the finished sweater on the awesome 9th grade GQ model- ready for high school.

paul sweater

No, it’s not my birthday


On Wednesday, I received a mysterious package from my sister.  Inside was this beautiful set:

A matching necklace, bracelet and earrings.  I love it!  Every bead is different and beautiful.  I wore the set twice last week.  It matches so many things I already have- this skirt in particular has the exact same colors!

Thanks again, Becky!

birthday boy

first day of 9th grade

There’s been a lot going on here.  This boy went to the first day of ninth grade two weeks ago.  I wish I had stood next to him for scale.  He has had a great couple of weeks. This weekend was his birthday – he is now 15 years old! Time goes so fast- as my friend says- I shouldn’t call him a boy anymore rather a young man.



landscape quilt

I guess I haven’t said but I have been thinking that quilt is called the landscape quilt.  Mainly because of the colors and the horizontal orientation.

I put this quilt into four patches.  Then I spent last weekend laying out the squares.


I just didn’t like it no matter how I arranged it.  There was too much going on.  What bothered me the most were the green and white stripes which were just too garish or Christmassy.  So after much thought, I dyed them.


I put together a dye wash and painted the parts I didn’t like.  I wrapped them up in plastic bags and left them overnight to process.

Of course, I over estimated how much I needed.  So I had a jar full of activated dye, so picked up a few pieces of random fabric that I thought would be much improved by dying.


I just pushed the fabric down and turned the jar a little bit to get the dye to come partway up the sides.  In the end, the dye saturated all layers.


I was very happy with how the patches turned out. It was enough of a change to tone down the white stripes.  I wonder if my dye is getting old or if I need to use some urea to make the color a little more intense. That being said for this quilt it is perfect.


My “jar” fabric also turned out great. Unfortunately, I can’t show you a before picture, but here is the after:


The dots, hearts and stripes are a light blue.  It makes this fabric less Christmassy, less garish.  I have already put together some of the patches so my goal is to have the top done by next weekend.