I am still working on mending the t-shirt quilt.  The mending is so full-scale that some parts had to be cut out or completely covered.  The main part of the quilt’s back was so worn that I needed to cover the whole thing.  I didn’t want to spend money on it, plus I am going through a rather dry spell due to the new expenses of high school and so many birthdays.  So I took Steve shopping in the fabric stash.  He picked out two flannel shirts: one orange and one yellow, an old pink- red blouse and a plaid seersucker shirt. I was not certain that they would work together.  However, this is his quilt so I went with it.

But if you saw all these plaids together would you believe they are a good fit?  Yet they work surprisingly well.  I should know better than to doubt the artist’s eye.

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