mending and leader and ender


This is a little shag rug that my grandmother had made.  I have had it for many years since she died in 1988.  The back is burlap and it had ripped.  I was not willing to give it up.  I needed a sturdy piece of fabric to reinforce it.


As they say, there is lid for every pot.  This rather ugly, but extremely sturdy fabric my friend Patti gave me a while ago that she picked up in a give away pile, was perfect.


Since I had my Bernina set up to finish the landscape quilt, I pulled out this old White sewing machine to finish the rug.  My mom gave me this sewing machine a few years ago for just this situation when I have my other machine set up for a specific project.  It was also my grandmother’s so it really brought back memories.

I finished the rug-although I was reminded several times why I bought the Bernina while working with this machine. Since it had been too fragile to wash before, I had rug washing day and washed all of my handmade rugs.


As you can see, my next mending job may be this hand-woven rug I made in college.  Not quite as ancient as the shag rug from my grandmother, it is still older than my fifteen year old son.

On another note, I have been steadily working on a denim leader ender:


It went together almost without effort when I was putting the landscape quilt together.  I already have some polar fleece for the back.

landscape quilt and Christmas begins


Yesterday, I finished quilting the landscape quilt.  I did a very simple quilting- just wavy lines across.  It really adds to the landscape feeling of this quilt by continuing the horizontal nature of the patchwork.  I am really happy with it and hopefully I will finish adding the hearts and the edge next week.

On another note, I decided to get a jump on Christmas by making these little ornaments.  I hopefully will be more proactive to make some little gifts this year. 


I used a quilted fabric for the base then added the red fabric to make the shape.  I have to figure out how to back and edge finish it.

not so new skirt plus bonus

I looked back and I never posted this skirt.  I bought the fabric for a birthday present.  I spent a lot of time on it because of the plaid. I sewed it, then ripped it out completely and then hand basted it together to get the plaid to match, well not exactly, but close enough.


I finished the back of the landscape quilt last weekend.  Of course, I bought too little fabric. Because it takes more effort to go back to the fabric store, I added some blocks and other batik fabric.




Things are moving slowly- almost glacially.  There is a lot going on this weekend so it seems I have very little time.  Also I got a new game: Settlers of Cataan which I am completely and utterly obsessed with. In any case, I have only completed a small bit of sewing.  I managed to get the back quilted on this quilt.


The quilting is minimal because the piece is already quilted. I just wanted to avoid any sort of tenting.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will get a little more done.