Yesterday, I finished quilting the landscape quilt.  I did a very simple quilting- just wavy lines across.  It really adds to the landscape feeling of this quilt by continuing the horizontal nature of the patchwork.  I am really happy with it and hopefully I will finish adding the hearts and the edge next week.

On another note, I decided to get a jump on Christmas by making these little ornaments.  I hopefully will be more proactive to make some little gifts this year. 


I used a quilted fabric for the base then added the red fabric to make the shape.  I have to figure out how to back and edge finish it.

2 thoughts on “landscape quilt and Christmas begins

  1. Thanks for sharing Roberta. I like the look of the landscape quilt. You’ve really come along well on it. I also like the Christmas theme project. I would be interested in seeing an Easter version. I’m also looking forward to going to the Sewing Expo with you on the second week of November.

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