triangles and fabric postcards

So again the week, the day got away with me and I didn’t get much done this week. I did get these denim triangles pieced:


It was fun to try out my new templates.  I am still learning about bias.  Also, if you try to attach more than four you need to have an odd one.  In other words, if you make sets that are an even number only they will not attach to each other.  So you need to make sets in even and odd numbers.

I will show you a cool project that I finished a couple weeks ago and never posted.  It was my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday so Steve and I decided to make her a fabric postcard.  I haven’t made one for a long time but she always loved them.


She always signs her cards “you are loved” so we sent love back to her. Here is the back:


We did actually mail this on her birthday so it was postmarked on her birthday.   I have to admit making this was really fun and only took me one morning.  If you decide to make a project like this, remember if you are mailing without a envelope you need to sew some paper onto your card.

busy weekend

I had a super busy day yesterday.  I had asked my friend Veronica if she would go the sewing expo with me a couple of months ago.  Then, as life happens, several things pooled around this weekend.  It is lucky I did absolutely nothing last weekend to prepare for how many things happened this weekend.

Friday, we went to see Paul in He’s a Good Man Charlie Brown.  He did a great job as Pig Pen/ Seven.  All of the kids did a great job and really captured the magic of Peanuts.

Then, Saturday I went to the Sewing Expo.  It was held in this beautiful hotel in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis.  I met Veronica there and we spent a great deal of time touching fabric, yarn and ribbons. Everything was lovely, although a little overwhelming for me.  I wanted to get one little treat for myself.  I had planned to spend about 20 dollars and I was hoping to find a triangle ruler.  But I saw this:


Yes, 15 templates.  They weren’t cheap, but they are so cool!  Here is the link if you are interested: Pandora’s Box by Quilting with Shar. I am so excited to play with them!

Then, Veronica and I headed to church for a wonderful tea party.  It was so fun and special.  Such a great weekend- although I will need a nap today!

promoted to Broseph


I had seen a handle for a seam ripper at Wedding Dress Blue so I asked my son to make one for me.  He spent some time trimming a stick from the yard and then he did this wood burning.  It is much more comfortable than what I had before. 

What cracks me up is that he put “Broseph” on it. I looked this up online to let you all what this means: The highest rank a bro can obtain in all of brodom.  I am deeply proud to have achieved this level of Brodom.