I had a super busy day yesterday.  I had asked my friend Veronica if she would go the sewing expo with me a couple of months ago.  Then, as life happens, several things pooled around this weekend.  It is lucky I did absolutely nothing last weekend to prepare for how many things happened this weekend.

Friday, we went to see Paul in He’s a Good Man Charlie Brown.  He did a great job as Pig Pen/ Seven.  All of the kids did a great job and really captured the magic of Peanuts.

Then, Saturday I went to the Sewing Expo.  It was held in this beautiful hotel in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis.  I met Veronica there and we spent a great deal of time touching fabric, yarn and ribbons. Everything was lovely, although a little overwhelming for me.  I wanted to get one little treat for myself.  I had planned to spend about 20 dollars and I was hoping to find a triangle ruler.  But I saw this:


Yes, 15 templates.  They weren’t cheap, but they are so cool!  Here is the link if you are interested: Pandora’s Box by Quilting with Shar. I am so excited to play with them!

Then, Veronica and I headed to church for a wonderful tea party.  It was so fun and special.  Such a great weekend- although I will need a nap today!

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