So again the week, the day got away with me and I didn’t get much done this week. I did get these denim triangles pieced:


It was fun to try out my new templates.  I am still learning about bias.  Also, if you try to attach more than four you need to have an odd one.  In other words, if you make sets that are an even number only they will not attach to each other.  So you need to make sets in even and odd numbers.

I will show you a cool project that I finished a couple weeks ago and never posted.  It was my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday so Steve and I decided to make her a fabric postcard.  I haven’t made one for a long time but she always loved them.


She always signs her cards “you are loved” so we sent love back to her. Here is the back:


We did actually mail this on her birthday so it was postmarked on her birthday.   I have to admit making this was really fun and only took me one morning.  If you decide to make a project like this, remember if you are mailing without a envelope you need to sew some paper onto your card.

4 thoughts on “triangles and fabric postcards

  1. Yay for fabric postcards! I love to make them and I think everyone loves to receive them. Your back is much more creative than what I do with mine, this inspires me to try something new. I never use paper though, I just write on some white fabric with a fabric marker and that works fine as well.

    1. Thank you! I took a look at your blog and the fabric postcard tutorial is really great. Things may have changed, but in the past I couldn’t get stamps to stick without paper sewn to the back. I wonder if stamps now would stick to fabric. I will have to check- that would save a lot of time.

      1. The Dutch stamps stick very well, I’ve not had any problems so far. I think the old stamps, that ones you had to lick to activate the sticky residue, probably won’t stick though.

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