white elephant craft gifts

This is the last post of 2013 and the end of my first little book.  I will continue to post, but it will go to a second book – if the first one goes well. In any case, this was the first I could post these photos.  These are two of the three craft white elephant gifts I made for my extended family’s gift exchange.

I made this leader ender denim quilt.  I have made several of these: random squares with polar fleece back and no batt.  They are super warm and comfortable. I did add the triangles using my new templates.  I love the way the triangles look, however, I wouldn’t place them on the edge because somehow they make the edge a little wobbly.  I think I needed to trim the intersections of the triangles on the edge off.  In any case, it is warm and super comforting.


The other quilt is pure Christmas: psychedelic and a little overwhelming.  It is exciting, chaotic and of course, being my quilt wonky.

I really love the way it worked out.  I used bells and bells on the tops of the trees, so it jingles when it is shaken. 

This quilt is unusual for me as well because I used pre-quilted fabric.  I have never done this before.  Mainly, because the pre-quilted fabric is often so poor quality.  I had about a yard of the dark blue pre-quilted fabric from my aunt.  It was one-sided and older, so the fabric while pretty, had a little polyester in it.  I picked up some more quilted fabric at JoAnne’s: the holly, white background fabric with green leaves and berries.  This was two-sided with different, but related motifs on each side.  It is a slightly better quality and feels like it is at least cotton on the top and bottom.  It was also 70 per cent off.  I only bought a half a yard which was barely enough to do the front of this quilt. I am regretting a little bit not buying more.  I loved how quickly this quilt went together because of the prequilted fabric.  The downside is that the finished quilt is pretty stiff. This is fine for this decorative piece but if I were making a bed quilt, I wouldn’t like that. 


I will post again in 2014, so, my friends: may 2014 be a year full of joy and blessings for you!

second doll quilt

Well, second to last post until 2014.  The end of 2013 also marks the end of the time covered by what will hopefully become a reality this year: a personal book of this blog. I always hold my breath around Christmas, just trying to get the things necessary done, but next year I hope to rebalance my life better and complete the book.

That being said, I finished my second quilt for Steve’s student.  It is meant to be for a American girl doll.


It is easy to see Steve’s hand in this one.  He really has a great color sense.  I still have a little bit of these fabrics and I am sure they will show up in future quilts.  Here is the back:


I have more Christmas crafting, but it will have to be held until after Christmas.

He is born! Alleluia! Blessings to you and your families in this joyous season!

Second quilt

So Christmas busy.  Now working on the second quilt for Steve’s student who also has a American girl doll. I am now just working on things in order of deadlines.DSC04788

I am very happy with this one- Steve picked out the colors and arranged it.  We went to the fabric store and picked up fabric for the frame and back so I am excited to finish it- hopefully, today.


American girl quilt done


I finished this little quilt for an American doll. I like the colors, they are reminiscent of an Amish quilt in a way.


I did a little bit of hand embroidery on the back to sign it.  I always forget that my embroidery comes out better if I draw the word s on first, but still I think it came out ok.



Christmas crafting

Yes, it is truly Christmas.  I am Christmas crafting in earnest. I started this little quilt for one of Steve’s students who is has an American Girl.


I finished this on Thanksgiving.  Yesterday we made a foray into the crazy world of post Thanksgiving JoAnne’s to pick up fabric. Seriously, we had number 45 and they were on 83 when we arrived.  In any case, we were able to get some beautiful fabric for the frame and back.

I also finished this top.  I am really happy with it:DSC04779

I love the triangles.  Now it just needs to be quilted.