1. Hawaiian quiltThis quilt I have been working on FOREVER.  I am very frustrated with it.  On the other hand it is potentially nearly done because it has the binding nearly on.  I still feel like it needs to be quilted more. Updated December 2011:  Although this is technically a finished piece, I don’t feel like it is done.  Does that make any sense?

2. Blue Knitted scarf Again, I have been working on this forever.  I think I can declare it finished as soon as it reaches around my neck. Completed in June!

3. Valentine quilt  This is kind of a cheat.  I was planning to finish this anyway, with a tentative finish date in April. Completed in April!

4. Dark angel quilt I just began this last week, so although unfinished, it isn’t something I have just been leaving alone.

Update December, 2011 : Again, although technically finished, I feel like it is not done, but very close.

5. Graduation scrap-book  Yes, my boy needs a scrapbook at his graduation party.  I have started it but it has a long way to go. Completed May 31!

6. Green, black and red, corduroy quilt  This I have had half done for DOUBLE forever. I began this quilt in 1997.  This a true ufo. Update 2/2/11: Completed!

Corn, Water and Wood, 61″x76″, fabric, thread, January 2011

7. Cardinal cross stitch I have worked on this for two years, but it substantially done. Update: Done in summer!

8. green t-shirt I just cut this at Christmas time. completed 6/28/11!

9. denim dress remake  I have barely started this.  I just cut off the collar. I have a very vague idea of what to do with it. Update: I accidentally gave this to good will.  Since it is gone, I call it done.

10. These next three I am very nervous about putting on.  I have worked on them for a long time and they are hand sewing.  I am nervous I won’t finish them.  The first one is the Jewel Encrusted Pony. Update: Completed!

11. g cross stitch This is a top-secret project that I have worked on for six years.  It is a gift so I don’t dare give more information.  Hopefully, the person will someday receive it. Update: unfortunately this one will have to go on my 2012 list.

12. grandmother’s flowers quilt  Again I have worked on this project on and off for four years. Maybe longer. Update: Again this one will have to go on 2012’s list.

So this is my final update for 2011.  I loved doing this project and have already started on my 2012 list.  It felt a little like college with self-directed deadlines not completely under my control, but with a lot of cheerleaders.  I definitely made progress.  I got seven projects done completely done and three more on track.

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