I decided that even though Judy won’t be doing the ufo projects, I wanted a list of goals and dreams for 2013. So I have a three-part list, the first part is garments: 1. I plan to make four garments for myself this year one per season. 2. I also have some pieced fabric that I want to make a garment out of possibly a robe.

The second part is UFOs.

3. Ducky quilt.  I want to get this one done by spring for sure, but I would love to get it done by February.


4. City chicken quilt.


5. Country chicken quilt.


6. Angel quilt


7. crossstitch project

8. grandma’s cathedral windows

The third part is mending:

1. Fish quilt done 1/27/2013

2. t-shirt quilt

3. wedding ring quilt

4. my winter coat

5. Patchwork quilt

6. green pants done 1/27/2013

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