Winter slowdown

The winter has stalled me a little bit. I am still doing things but at slow rate.  I finished these little blocks:


After Paul’s criticism, I made a non-wonky tree.  The background fabric of the tree is a photo print of trees.  It will hopefully create the illusion of a forest. Also, here is another bear claw with a bear in it.  This makes me smile.

Sometimes, I don’t know I’m there until I get there.

I have been working on this country chicken for several years.  It was on my UFO list at least once.  I declared it done since it was bound and finished, but I never felt like it was completely done.  Last week I was laying in bed looking at it and I realized that the sandy brown fabric was wrong.


I considered adding more green fabric to cover it.  Then, I thought, why don’t I just color it with fabric markers.  Now, in our house if anyone is coloring with markers on any sort of serious project the artist-in-residence needs to step in. So, we spent some time coloring it:


I am very happy with the end result.  I declare it really and truly done!


new project

So what is this?
Yes, a new project. I have been mending my bed quilt. When I started I pulled all of these flannels out to use for that project. I love them all together. I decided to make a bathrobe. I needed to cut it so I could use the scraps for the quilt.
I am making it from the same pattern I used for Paul’s bathrobe. I still have one more pattern piece to cut out. I have to go fabric diving in the basement for the contrasting binding.

Also, I fixed my second sewing machine. My mom gave me one of the extra sewing machines she has from my grandmother. When I have my main sewing machine set up for quilting, I like to be able to have a second sewing machine set up for say, making a bathrobe. In any case, I was having a little trouble winding bobbins and Paul dismantled it, and somehow in the process breaking the belt. It took me a while to find the belt and I though while I was at it, I might as well get the bulb. By then, I finished whatever project was tying up my main machine so I put this one away. Now that I am again working on a quilting project, I took the White out again to work on it and got the belt and bulb installed. So now I have two really great functioning machines!