Another lazy weekend.  I did make a tiny bit of progress.  I guess baby steps are fine.

I have been meaning to make a work bag for myself.  I was struggling with the idea of making it big enough to put papers in. I finally decided I rarely bring home papers and I have other bags I could use for those rare time.

The second design problem was a little more complicated. I also wanted to make sure it didn’t look too handmade.  I really wanted to use a group of fat quarters that Steve gave me for Christmas two years ago so I needed to piece the fabric. Yet I don’t want it to look too handmade.  I saw a bag at work that the palette was limited to black and white.  I will try to do that as I make as well as use large pieces.


Here is a picture of what I have so far.  The bottom layer is just a base. This bag will be lined.  Then I have some thin cotton batting to use to create structure.  I haven’t yet sewn it together because for some reason yesterday it seemed like too much effort to change my sewing machine back to to the walking foot.  This change is my main goal for today.  That my MN taxes and watching a whole pile of Jimmy Fallon videos.  Steve says I am the target market audience for the Tonight Show now that Jimmy Fallon is hosting.  This is probably true, but if this is the case, they should show it earlier in the night.

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