Easter lilies

I had a great sewing day yesterday. During the week, I cut a blouse out of two of Steve’s t-shirts and yesterday – in one day, I sewed it. I was pleased with the result, however, I can’t seem to get a decent photo of it today. I think the t-shirts are not exactly the right materials, they tend to look thick and frumpy. In any case, I found that the pattern worked well and fit well. I have some other fabric that I will use to try the pattern again.

So I decided to photograph the prettiest thing in my house right now:

These are our Easter lilies. They are so pretty they hardly even look real. I am hoping to keep them alive until the nights stop dropping below 40 degrees.


Guest blogger: Steve Brooks, my dh.  Helping me out because I am still a little under the weather, although much better than last week.  Check out his web site at Buns on Mars or his book “How I met Van and Numan Future Past and Present” on amazon.com.

Roberta and I took a walk today. It was the first, since the snow had finally receded away with no trace after a long bitterly cold winter. It was warm, in the low 70s, with a slight breeze and with it came a whole bouquet of aromas. It was like a lover had returned or visiting an unfamiliar house – the strange laundry soaps, the smoky cedars, the dry bay leaf-like grasses. All the smells lingered in layers with the wind and filled a menu of earthly spices. They brought back memories of other early springs and some seem entirely new. They can’t be named or specified, but they are strong and real: the mossy leaf, spicy rich earth, the cinnamon like aroma of dirt and so many other odors, emerge in the early spring, get taken over by grass and rain in the mid-summer, but faintly return in the fall. It’s as though any warmth activates these earth smells and accompanies the hazy over-cast sunsets. This is one of the times of year that I love. Earth opens up its spice cabinet and the kitchen window for us to enjoy. It is now Easter, by the way, and for those of us living in the mid-west who endured a relentlessly sub-zero winter, it is time to open the house to the mild, fragrant, and forgiving spring.   



Not much happening here. I have been sick and just moving slowly. So, no sewing. But I will show you something that gives me great joy. A few years back I bought a salad bowl pot from the farmer’s market. I spent eight dollars and enjoyed it very much. I realized I could replicate this for the cost of seeds. So a few weeks ago, I planted some herbal seeds, some radish seeds, lettuce and peas. I am happy with how quickly it is growing.


My birthday weekend. Kind of a low birthday- mainly because it snowed one more time- 9 inches and Steve and Eliott were sick. I had a lot of time to sew, but either because of inertia, a light cold or a sympathy cold, I didn’t do much. I did some work on the city chicken quilt and I have direction on what I am planning to do next. I made two little blocks for my wilderness quilt. I have the first one done.


I hope you can see the little owl in the grass.

I have spent a lot of time thinking and reading this weekend. One of the things I read was Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion. It reminds me of my goal to make more of my clothing. She talks about how cheap fashion undermines our sense of quality, is bad for the environment and also takes advantage of people around the world.  I have been thinking of some holes in my wardrobe, and how to fill them.  I have a funky bathrobe for Steve cut, that just needs to be assembled. I also spent some time cleaning my sewing space and found some yardage that I think I can use for a skirt. More to come.