Guest blogger: Steve Brooks, my dh.  Helping me out because I am still a little under the weather, although much better than last week.  Check out his web site at Buns on Mars or his book “How I met Van and Numan Future Past and Present” on

Roberta and I took a walk today. It was the first, since the snow had finally receded away with no trace after a long bitterly cold winter. It was warm, in the low 70s, with a slight breeze and with it came a whole bouquet of aromas. It was like a lover had returned or visiting an unfamiliar house – the strange laundry soaps, the smoky cedars, the dry bay leaf-like grasses. All the smells lingered in layers with the wind and filled a menu of earthly spices. They brought back memories of other early springs and some seem entirely new. They can’t be named or specified, but they are strong and real: the mossy leaf, spicy rich earth, the cinnamon like aroma of dirt and so many other odors, emerge in the early spring, get taken over by grass and rain in the mid-summer, but faintly return in the fall. It’s as though any warmth activates these earth smells and accompanies the hazy over-cast sunsets. This is one of the times of year that I love. Earth opens up its spice cabinet and the kitchen window for us to enjoy. It is now Easter, by the way, and for those of us living in the mid-west who endured a relentlessly sub-zero winter, it is time to open the house to the mild, fragrant, and forgiving spring.   

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