Happy Mother’s Day

Hope all the mother’s out there are having a great day- especially my own- Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  I got a little sewing in yesterday on the denim quilt, but it hasn’t really advanced to a point that a photo would show advancement.  I plan to go to the fabric store today to spend my gift card from my birthday (thanks, Mom and Dad).

We went to the Minneapolis Art Institute to see the Matisse exhibit last night.     It is a small show, but it really shows a comprehensive variety of his work: sculpture, paintings, drawings, lithographs and the later cut out work in disassembled book form.  The crowd thinned out after we arrived and when we doubled back to look at our favorites, we were alone in the gallery.  It was a great experience.

I have seen Matisse’s work in person at the Art Institute before, but it was nice to see all in one space and laid out in a chronological way. I have a better understanding of how his work progressed through his lifetime.  I could see the logical way he moved from Post-Impressionism into his own (fauve) technique.

One of Steve’s favorites was Standing Odalisque Reflected in Mirror:


I also liked this one due to the pattern of the wonderful plaid chair.  I have been always drawn to Matisse’s use of these contrasting patterns.  I was surprised how fluid, loose and carefree the patterns in his paintings were when viewed in person, not through a photo.  I had a preconception that the patterns would be much more precise.  Yet, they are very sophisticated.

I also was struck by what a master craftsman Matisse was.  The lithographs ran from very quick drawings to nearly photographic charcoals.  If I had seen any of these before either at the Institute or in books, they didn’t resonate with me the way they did in the context of this show.

If you are in Minneapolis, there is one more week left for the show.



rainbow of denim

I know I am a day late, but I was away. I was visiting my sister and got to see my little nephew get confirmed. It was great to see everyone and get to spend time with my family. My mom really surprised me when she brought out two large boxes of jeans that she had picked up at her church sale for five dollars. She picked them from a quilter who could no longer work with denim because her hands were bothering her. I am excited to start working with them!


I love the gradations of pink she picked up. I am low on red and pink in general and have none in denim. I have an idea for these already. I also like all of the stripes.

In the group, I found two pairs that fit me:


I plan to dye these and use them for shorts.

As soon as I saw these orange ones, I was knew they would make a great skirt. They are very large, so I can completely rework them.  The color is wonderful!


Thanks, Mom. I love them all. I can’t wait to start working with them!