Again, I am working on such slow path, I don’t have new work to show. Instead I will tell you this sewing related story.

I had found a great dresser at the church garage sale. I lined up a ride for the dresser because it was too large for my car. In the mean tine, I began to clean out a corner to put the dresser in. I had a old sewing table upstairs that I put my sewing machine in sometimes.

I started carrying it down the stairs and I remembered there was a young man downstairs who was very strong. I asked him to help me and he somewhat resentfully came to help me. He easily picked up the table and started carrying it down the stairs. He took about two steps and I saw a pin cushion fall out from the interior of the table on, of course, the next step. “Stop!” I yelled. This is when time went into slow motion as I watched my son’s foot come down on the pin cushion.

Do these things happen to any one else? I felt so bad. He was mad at me for two days. Luckily, when we actually went over the church to look at the dresser again and found out it was too large to go up the stairs, he didn’t realize that the two things were related.

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