The bolero is done. It took a lot of time but I am very happy with the way it turned out.


The sleeves are really over the top! They are a cross between Carmen Miranda and Dr. Seuss.


What I learned about with this one:

I used different colors for the lining on the sleeves. Since they were going to be completely covered, it didn’t seem important. However, the bottom edge does show slightly. Next time I will be more intentional about the lining.

The double layer of t-shirt is surprisingly warm.

The pattern for the sleeves is very large. It is difficult to get two sleeves out a t-shirt unless it is an extra large. For this reason, I trimmed a small amount of the ease off. This didn’t affect the fit at all for me.


7 thoughts on “finished!

    1. Thanks- the pattern is from Alabama Studio Stitch and design. She does some piecing like this, but she does not expose the raw edge. I am still a little shy about wearing it because it seems so flamboyant so thank you for your encouragement!

  1. I agree with weddingdressblue: This is an amazing piece! I absolutely love the sleeves and would wear it out as often as I could.

  2. Turned out really well. I agree about the cross between Carmen Miranda and Doctor Suess. Not a bad costume idea for this Halloween if you are looking for an idea. I like it. Do you think you will make another one but limit the color palate a bit. Keep me posted.

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