Angel quilt back

I have made considerable progress on the angel quilt. I have even decided on the name: Angels 3: Celestial Spirits. I finished the back. Here is a picture before I added the backing:


It is fun to see this quilting, never to see the light of day again. Here is the finished back:


I am adding prairie points which will look like rays.

I am excited because I am on track to finish by March 1!

Update: Hawaiian quilt and February UFO

I have made great progress on my UFO:


I have solved the problem of the disk. I integrated it by adding a thin strip of fabric around it. Now it is partially surrounded, and even more dimensional. I trimmed the edges and I will add some fabric to make the quilt into a rectangle.

I did some stitching on the cardboard sections. There is definitely more to be done there. I also need to go out into the cold freezer that is my sewing room and root around for a specific fabric that has a feather motif for the wings. They are just too flat. Still, good progress.

On another front, I have added the first run of the green to the Hawaiian quilt. The muted green is perfect. It will really create dimension and reminds me of the ocean or water.


February UFO

My February UFO is this angel quilt:


Paul picked this one. I have several other projects that I would have given precedence. But I set up the game so I play. I have several problems. One is the metal object in the center of the sun. This is a watch back with the month dial and a polished rock bead glued to it. It is a great object but I didn’t think to put holes into it before I superglued it. It is not attached as well as I would like. Also the angels faces are from a Christmas greeting card. If I redid this, I would copy the images to fabric somehow instead of attaching the card itself.
I have my work cut out for me but this still is a piece that I love. I haven’t worked on a piece like this for a long time: a painterly piece. Most of the things I have been working on lately are clothing or more traditional quilts. I am excited to see where it will go.

update on the tropical shirt quilt

In honor of football widows everywhere, we spent some time laying out the Hawaiian quilt before the game, the idea that I could sew it together while the big game is on. Here they are in all their glory:


I love the colors! Our original idea was to sash them with white. A lady at the fabric store had the idea of adding very thin lines around them first. This is very successful. However, then we added the white sashing:


This is actually a better photo than it looks in person. In person, the pattern is very muted, nearly invisible. I always thought I didn’t use white because I was afraid it would get dirty. (On a completely unrelated note, I somehow got two little pink stains on this white fabric). Actually, any expanse of white looks like a bed sheet to me in my quilts. Which is odd, because it certainly doesn’t do that in other quilts I have seen. I called down Steve to look at the white after I had sewed two strips on, and he agreed. Hence the stickers on a probably vain attempt to keep the blocks in order. The good news is that next weekend I have a reason to go to the fabric store and also, I can cut out my skirt this afternoon while the big game is on. I will eventually get the skirt online, at this point I only have one layer sewn so it is not really ready to be photographed. The other good news is that football season is done after today, and I will get my husband back on Sundays, which means less sewing but more fun. I love the colors!