In honor of football widows everywhere, we spent some time laying out the Hawaiian quilt before the game, the idea that I could sew it together while the big game is on. Here they are in all their glory:


I love the colors! Our original idea was to sash them with white. A lady at the fabric store had the idea of adding very thin lines around them first. This is very successful. However, then we added the white sashing:


This is actually a better photo than it looks in person. In person, the pattern is very muted, nearly invisible. I always thought I didn’t use white because I was afraid it would get dirty. (On a completely unrelated note, I somehow got two little pink stains on this white fabric). Actually, any expanse of white looks like a bed sheet to me in my quilts. Which is odd, because it certainly doesn’t do that in other quilts I have seen. I called down Steve to look at the white after I had sewed two strips on, and he agreed. Hence the stickers on a probably vain attempt to keep the blocks in order. The good news is that next weekend I have a reason to go to the fabric store and also, I can cut out my skirt this afternoon while the big game is on. I will eventually get the skirt online, at this point I only have one layer sewn so it is not really ready to be photographed. The other good news is that football season is done after today, and I will get my husband back on Sundays, which means less sewing but more fun. I love the colors!

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